The World Is Messy

 The world is an inherently messy place. President Trump’s attempt to take on the mantle of organiser is doomed to failure because it is an impossible task. Unless he takes on board the knowledge that he will not be able to fulfil the role of America’s,let alone the world’s CEO then his term in office will prove to be personally frustrating for him and a political failure.
The fact that the world is messy was something Barrack Obama well understood and that the best he could hope to achieve were small steps in social improvement. He realised that to strive to improve the world for Americans was laudable but that in all probability the majority of these attempts would fail.  This was one of his great strengths as it was for that other great black leader Nelson Mandela. That small steps were progress to greater ones.
Societal changes shift forward and back in small increments ordinarily. Granted there have been cataclysmic events in the past. World wars and revolutions throughout the globe and through history have altered political regimes, when personal ambition of political leaders have galvanised a mass response from a disaffected populous. But it is arguable that any of these convulsions have brought about the beneficial changes sought beyond what would have arisen from the simple passage of time. Many it might be said have held back progress due to the wanton destruction of people and the ideas they could have produced.
In the UK too our political and economic future will be messy. We will continue to be part of the European Union and it will continue to impact on our lives even when we as a nation are no longer formal members. Those that believe that hard,soft or even slightly squishy Brexit will bring about a clean and decisive end to our interaction with Europe will be disappointed. The playing conditions might change slightly but the game will continue. The balance of probability is that the frustrating nil nil draw of the first half will be repeated in the second.
None of this is to say we shouldn’t try to improve our world. Far from it. It is important that ideas are experimented with and built upon, discarding those that fail and improving those that work.
Just do not fall into the trap that their is a quick and easy fix. That there is a grand gesture that will transform reality in an instant.
This is true whether it is Brexit, Scottish Independence or a wall at the back of your garden.